Sweet Nectar


(image credit: Primo Masotti maso101@libero.it)

Confusion buzzes in my head
like a swarm of angry bees
that have lost their queen

I crave the sweet nectar
of love words
dripping smoothly from your lips
like honey off a comb

But I get
peanut butter and jelly promises
an unwelcome substitute
that sticks with dryness
rather than desire

4 thoughts on “Sweet Nectar

  1. Karen says:

    Sometimes fewer words can capture the feeling every bit as powerfully as a poem of many verses. This really resonated with me Mary!

    • Meghan says:

      Hemingway said that “less is more” and I agree with Karen’s comment. Your poem is every bit as powerful. The images of nectar and peanut butter so eloquently and vividly express your emotions in this poem. Very nice!!

  2. mincs1 says:

    Thanks Karen!

  3. mincs1 says:

    Thank you, Meghan! 🙂

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