The Chase

Self compassion peeks
around a corner
aware of censor lurking
ready to pounce on any opportunity
Forming an unholy trinity
along with self judgment and perfection
this triad wields a hefty mallet
capable of quashing any forward progress

As compassion takes a chance
stepping into the limelight
the chase is on
Prudence and caution
dart in and out
with guilt and blame
they hunt
grace and tenderness

Hope and resilience join
to give compassion strength
together they soundly rise above
negative quibbles
They giggle with the realization
that censor is not the authoritative leader
it deliberately claims to be

Compassion’s gentle trio
add a breezy freshness to outlook
Sending censor, judgment and perfection
back to the shadows
void of their influence

4 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. BookOfPain says:

    A very, very interesting poem on the interplay of emotions adn virtues, both good and bad.

  2. Meghan says:

    I very much like BookOfPain’s comments. Mary, this poem has depth and lightness, from its “unholy trinity” to “Compassion’s gentle trio.” This is one of your finest, Mary!

  3. mincs1 says:

    Thank-you, Meghan and BookOfPain for the kind words!

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