Napkin Writer

Words gush to the surface
like bubbles in a poured glass of Prosecco
rapidly fill a glass
then settle, continuing to gurgle, roil and fizz
These words are unsettled
want to be expressed
need to be released
before disappearing into oblivion
unable to be recalled
simply gone

Like pop rocks on the tongue
producing an explosion of flavours and sound
that quickly disappear
these words are a flash
of concepts and impressions
in danger of dispersing
without being understood

Furtively I look for a vessel
for these tumbling thoughts
no paper to be found
a large white dinner napkin
becomes the carafe

This unlikely flagon
now absorbs and holds the ink of a pen
breathes words unspoken
Meant to be crumpled and disposed
for a moment this simple means
designed to wipe away excess or spillage
becomes a keeper of words
thoughts made conscious
Alive on soft white cotton

2 thoughts on “Napkin Writer

  1. Meghan says:

    I have many thoughts about this oh-so familiar experience that you write about here. I love the rhythm and pace of the first two stanzas. I, too, have known this feeling! BTW, you are clearly a writer and may I suggest carrying a purse-sized notebook with you at all times for just such moments? 🙂

    In your 3rd stanza I was a little startled by your word choices of “repository” and “receptacle.” Something about these two words, which you use correctly, seems business-like as though invoking a financial flavour. However, I think you are aiming for something quite different.

    Since you start your poem with the image of the wine glass, what about experimenting with alternate words for (1.) Repository, (e.g.) reservoir and for (2.) Receptacle, (e.g.) vessel, crucible, carafe, flagon, decanter (which might have held the wine)?

    “Furtively, I look for some reservoir for these tumbling thoughts…a large white dinner napkin becomes the decanter into which my roiling thoughts flow…”

    I have some other ideas about your last stanza, too but I am aware that you do not often get the opportunity to polish your gems when you are so creatively writing daily. Besides, I have written enough here for now! This poem deserves a little polishing!! 🙂

  2. mincs1 says:

    You caught me at a loss for words and I love your suggestions. Your comments make me realize I have to be aware of my theme throughout the poem. Thank-you for that! The poem is significantly better using words that bring back the wine images. I would be grateful for your insight regarding the last stanza, too 🙂

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