a shadow crossed Nigeria
those in its path
were swallowed
enveloped by unspeakable evil

hideous laughter rose above
tortured cries for help
cries of anguish

captors mocked and taunted victims
voiced threats
while the world watched

friends and family of the captives
begged for mercy on behalf of
their loved ones
they pled to the world
help us now
and the world responded

tweets lit up the airwave
facebook and blogs sent posts
speeding around the globe
righteous indignation shared
and the world fumed

the innocents are still not found

social media participants
may feel they have done their part
after all they made known their disapproval
they took a stand….

but those enveloped in shadow
remain lost

2 thoughts on “shadow

  1. Karen says:

    This is a heart wrenching world event and your words have captured our digital age response to it.

  2. Meghan says:

    You have written a powerful commentary on the decided impotence of mere digital indignation. We can rail and cry and thunder easily on social media but those girls are still missing. What now might those tweeters and bloggers do? Hopefully more than simply posting their anger! I am glad you have written on this subject, Mary.

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