My alarm beeps and I roll out of bed
spying a crimson glow on the eastern horizon
outside my window

The city skyline in silhouette against the navy sky
begins to glimmer as lights flutter on in preparation
for the work day

Outside, below our residence, shadows are shifting.
What lurks in the gloomy shade cast by the quiet buildings?

My thoughts accelerate to a gallop letting fear have the reins.
I blink back tears and calm my racing heart as I repeat: I
am safe. I am secure. I am completely protected at all times.

I continue to get ready for my day knowing I am not alone. I do
not have to fear the shadows. I can anticipate a carefree day
full of the promise I saw in the blushing sunrise.

One thought on “Shadows

  1. Angeline says:

    You are not alone! You are loved by many.

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