Avoid Contact with Sharp Objects

Who knew cardboard could fight back so hard! Today my husband and I are assembling a desk and cabinet from Scandinavia. My job is to flatten the container boxes in preparation for recycling but they are resisting fiercely causing some paper cuts and a few choice words. The pieces were constructed in Indonesia and they arrive with French and English instructions. Actually, the assembly directions are diagrams that truly test one’s spatial awareness.

The protective Styrofoam skitters across the floor challenging me to find it. Days later, in the most unlikely spaces, the vacuum cleaner will coax the static filled little white nuisances out of hiding.

Slowly, methodically my husband places the pieces together as instructed. Each time I take a break from the stubborn cardboard I am excited to see the furniture taking shape.

A spring snowstorm passes by, the cold wet snow flakes in too much of a hurry to notice what is happening in our cozy study. The sky brightens and sun shines chasing the remnants of the flurries away.

We continue patiently placing dowels and screwing screws until finally sweet victory. With assembly completed and no leftover pieces it looks great!

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