Yesterday I published my first post referencing the ongoing battle between personal censor and self. It felt liberating to tuck the censor away – at least for the time being.

As I was nearing the end of a run yesterday I saw a homeless person. He looked like he was wearing several layers of clothing, he was unshaven, shaky and stumbling, and his eyes had the look of a startled deer when he realized that I saw him. I didn’t smile at him. I ran faster. Then I wondered why. What threat was he to me? Why wasn’t I thinking how I could help him? That incident was the inspiration for today’s post.


Today is Sunday
a day of worship for many
a day of rest for others
a day of survival for some…

Getting by, getting through
making it until night

Going through motions
putting on Sunday best
putting on slippers
putting on a garbage bag to stop the rain

Trying to remain invisible, on the sidelines
staying out of sight

There may be laughter
a special dinner to eat
a special book to read
a special spot dug out by a culvert

Crawling in, passing time
numb to all around

Today is Sunday
What do you see?
The gift of a life to live

There are others
all around

Wishing for the same, wishing for change
giving up the fight

Open our eyes
see the homeless
see the downtrodden
see a reflection of life on the edge

Someone’s brother, someone’s sister
mother, father, son or daughter; a friend

We are they
They are us
and cannot remain in the shadows
They are worthy of the fight

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