Montserrat Monastery

P1010346Montserrat is a Benedictine monastery near Barcelona. It houses a Black Madonna statue that dates to the 12th century. The figure is above the altar in the basilica of the monastery. In her honour Gregorian chants are sung daily at noon. Many tourists travel here only to see the statue. The Black Madonna is the patron saint of Catalonia.

Salou, Spain

Salou has been a welcome break from the fast pace/high energy of the crowds when touring. We are enjoying sun and sand in this little town that welcomes families to its beaches. In the photos John is trying to point out that his glass contains only water, whereas in my photo I’m holding a pitcher of Sangria­čśä

What Are the Odds Addendum

We continued to be open to whatever lay ahead of us. We saw a monument rising high above the desert at Murcia so we took a side trip to view it. It was the Castle of Monteagudo that dates back to the eleventh century, originally occupied by the Moors. In 1926 a 14 metre high statue of Christ was built atop the castle. This is what drew our eye from a distance.

We arrived in Valencia late in the afternoon with enough time to enjoy the cooling sun before we walked through the Arts and Science Centre area that the locals justifiably are so proud of.(see photos attached to previous post)