Life Rythms

She studied his chiseled cheeks
while he slept,
a low rumble arose with each breath,
the sheets rising and falling in a steady rhythm.

He watched her athletic form from a window
as she ran toward their home,
a steady smack from her shoes arose with each step,
heavy breath panting in and out in a steady rhythm.

They sat together holding each other
watching the river flow before them,
churning waters arose with spring downpours,
embankments dislodging in a collapsing rhythm.

Dancing Dragon

dancing dragon
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She danced to the music
twirling step by step
her little skirt spinning out from her body
like a toy top set in motion

Her eyes closed
lashes dark against porcelain cheeks
that were red and glowing as if lit from within

Happy go lucky
she practiced jaunty quick moves
this little show girl was
putting on quite a display
her joy was unmistakable

I felt grateful
for the gift of her dance
the vision of her
carefree performance
awoke a sleeping dance dragon
within my heart

I found my foot tapping
myself smiling
and soon
I too
was dancing with abandon