Ice Cube

I am an ice cube
becoming colder
chilled to the bone
ice queen
icicles for tears
frozen heart
skate away from commitment

This frigid stance
won’t allow any hurt any pain
each layer of chilly precipitation
hardens my outer shell
protects from slings and arrows
hurled my way
ice water flows through my veins
I remain permafrost
firm in my resolve

Until the sun comes out

slow melt begins
gentle thaw
unconscious at first
rounding sharp edges of my frame
alarming me as my awareness takes hold
of this uninvited turn of events

I stay rooted to the spot
holding fast to old hurts
old stories
a glacial chunk meant to withstand
the test of time

Until the thaw spreads

through my solid core;
I finally crack
warmth seeps in
dissolving the cube I’ve become
leaving a puddle
in its wake