Mother Tongue


(image credit: Ghislain Bonneau)

Mother tongue
the thought permeates my being

a language shared by all

emotions infuse me
a kaleidoscope of swirling
colors and images
but just outside comprehension
sounds audible
but indistinguishable


to be reconnected

on the brink of something

bold as time
a lost language
ours to claim

Hypnotic State

Patchwork quilt

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I find myself in an unknown land
sleep walking
body in a trance
talons of comprehension
have loosened their grasp
taken flight

People smile quarter moon smiles
kindness evident in soft brown eyes
best human qualities on display
but no matter how hard I try
the exotic lilting language
remains foreign to me

I am learning this milieu
through faculties long dormant
acquiring trust in my senses

Sight allows a glimpse of this new world
garbled symbols join movement, color, style, rhythm
a patchwork concept that taunts
hanging just beyond perception

I smell loneliness, hunger, happiness, JOY

The environment tastes purple
Although not mute
my tongue feels twisted
articulation a lost art
formation of sound demands effort
conscious awareness

My ears delight in the musical litany I hear
long for when my own body does not betray
with crass sounds
indelicate and rude
but can join the melodic refrain
lovely angelic chorus
of those that surround me