The landscape painter at the artist colony in the country
noted for its messianic light, its sparse, hard-to-capture
beauty, complains she's come all this way to paint al fresco but
the mosquitoes have driven her inside, no matter the netting
on her hat, her cuffed sleeves and pants, a heavy does of Deet.
They bite through everything. And when she tries to snap a
picture, a breathy handkerchief of mosquitoes flutters over
the lens.  What can I do? she moans, trapped in a dull and
narrow room, thinking of booking a ticket back to her studio
in Vancouver.  Paint the mosquitoes, god replies.

Lorna Crozier
from God Of Shadows
2018 McClelland & Stewart

(image credit: Trichy Insights)

3 thoughts on “God of ACCEPTANCE

  1. Meghan Jones says:

    The classic “when God gives you lemons make lemonade”. Though to be sure photographing mosquitoes doesn’t sound too appealing! Love how this story ends! A good note for us all, particularly in our world today.

    • mincs1 says:

      Thanks Meghan. I replied to your comment but somehow it is posted separately…basically, what I said was Lorna’s book of poetry is a fun look at her versions of god 🙂

  2. mincs1 says:

    This is a fun book of poetry where Lorna Crozier gives the reader 54 versions of God from her witty, quirky point of view. I wanted to share something a little more lighthearted 🙂

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