Verona, Italy

P1010756Verona is situated along the shores of the Adige river in northern Italy.DSC01450Mediterranean style rooftops as far as one can see.

DSC01446Dante stood near while we ate lunch.

P1010724Verona has been immortalized in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Casa de Giulietta is where the Capuleti family is said to have lived. FYI – not true- the Capuleti’s never lived there and the balcony was added in 1936 to attract tourism. I found the wall leading to Juliet’s balcony to be fascinating. People write their names and maybe a love phrase in every language and colour. These panels are changed twice a year, on Valentines Day and on September 17, Juliet’s birthday, so the crowds have a new space to write their love phrases.

We took an afternoon to explore by bike.

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