I Wonder How Many People


I Wonder How Many People in This City from “The Spice-Box of Earth” by Leonard Cohen

I wonder how many people in this city
Live in furnished rooms.
Late at night when i look out at the buildings
I swear I see a face in every window
Looking back at me
and when I turn away
I wonder how many go back to their desks
and write this down.

4 thoughts on “I Wonder How Many People

  1. Meghan Jones says:

    A little bit eerie and very much Cohen. Deep, thoughtful and visual. Cohen was such a masterful poet and singer; thanks for brining this piece to light.

  2. mincs1 says:

    When I look out my window I often wonder where are all the people and what do they see?

    • Meghan Jones says:

      A very good question, Mary! I sometimes wonder why Cohen seems to mention homeless people at the start of his stanza then at the end he only mentions people who live in a furnished room, those who go back to their desks.

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