Stampede Extravaganza


(internet photo)

Yahoo, yee-haw, yippee-ki-yay
another Stampede is underway.
The city is buzzing
with tourists from afar,
chuck wagons and horses continue to star.
Cowboy hats, and cowboy boots
two-step, stomp and dance to wee hours,
the midway offers spinning rides
and exotic food to devour.
It’s a great big party
for one and all,
Calgary’s Stampede –
better than a Game of Thrones ball.

7 thoughts on “Stampede Extravaganza

  1. Indeed better, even though I’ve yet to experience the famed Stampede. Revel in it!

  2. mincs1 says:

    It’s worth experiencing at least once in one’s lifetime 🙂

  3. trE says:

    I really like this! It’s fun and uplifting and the photo is great too! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Meghan Jones says:

    Hey, Mary, you have certainly captured the thrill and the spirit of the Stampede. The pacing of our poem is very like the thundering hooves of horses! I haven’t experienced the Stampede (lots of reasons why) but I know millions of visitors over the years have come to the party and loved it. What an appropriate poem to write!

  5. Meghan Jones says:

    Oops…of your poem

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