White Ignited

(personal photo collection)

Sun hangs low
to touch a perfect, empty continent.
Evening arches through snow
with deep gratitude blush.
Sea froth and foam
rolls sky’s glow.
Wind howls spray over bow
in fiery reds and shades of orange.
I stand balanced.

4 thoughts on “White Ignited

  1. To stand balanced amidst such awe and beauty… how? Stunned? Captured?

    Your words align with your images (the first of which I find to be spectacular) so beautifully.

  2. Amazing. Full stop.

  3. Meghan Jones says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Linda. To stand balanced amidst such splendor is a glorious thing! How awe can both ground us and elevate us.

  4. Meghan Jones says:

    I apologize, Mary, for calling you Linda. I have no idea where my head is at!

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