(photos: personal collection)

licorice spires
peak confection snow
with salty delight

nature’s sweet and savory concoction
ices polar adventure


4 thoughts on “Nunataks

  1. Simply lovely! Your words and images. Thank you.

  2. rolandmuis says:

    Hi Mary, I hadn’t seen your poems and pictures of the Antarctica trip before. They’re beautiful! So many great memories.

    • mincs1 says:

      Happy New Year, Roland! How are you and your family? Have you been travelling much? Wonderful to hear from you!

      • rolandmuis says:

        Happy New Year to you and John! Everything is fine here. Unfortunately not as much traveling as I would like, most of our trips are to Spain where my wife comes from. In April we will cross the Atlantic however, to Florida. Kids are getting bigger and it will be easier in the future.

        And you? I saw you’ve made some nice trips (including the Netherlands). Everything fine with you except for the temperatures of course this moment.

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