Perpetual Grin


(personal photo)
I had a two foot tall escort,
black and white on my left.
Dark cap strapped smartly
below his little chin.

We slipped and slid
along a snowy slope,
his steps mirrored mine.

A crunch,
a waddle,
a slide corrected,
we descended in time.

A perpetual grin
on his face
and now, also on mine.

4 thoughts on “Perpetual Grin

  1. Still smiling…nicely done.

  2. Meghan Jones says:

    Now I am grinning, too! What a charmer of a poem and for a companion.

  3. jimibodansko says:

    when i see a penguin walk,
    kind of reminds me of a young Charlie Chaplin …. 🙂

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