July Sky

Goddess Pele dances a Paso Doble with Helios.
Below, the churning skies captivate a human audience.

Clouds boil and swirl, sweeping across the horizon.
Sunshine is blocked. Pele stomps. Her skirts swish
with abrupt intention. Dark thunderheads answer her
beat with a bass rumble.

A cone forms as she rotates and dips. A funnel cloud
emerges from the navy blue formation and drops into
the realm of Helios’ sunshine, before disappearing.

The force and speed of Pele’s violent actions contain
a hypnotic beauty, eyes unable to turn away. The
passionate choreography of water, air, and fire in the
heavens, leaves onlookers open mouthed. They rush
to tell anyone willing to listen how they survived
a bull fight in the skies.

2 thoughts on “July Sky

  1. Meghan says:

    A very apt description of what happened a few days ago!! Magical and threatening yet mesmerizing, too. You captured it well, Mary!

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