devonian play park
(internet photo)

Little monkey limbs
grasp and hold and climb.
Blue plastic mountains
rise over colorful, recycled
rubber land.

Yellow, green and orange footsteps
sink and rise, spongy elastic
imprints rebound.

Mommas wear flowered tops.
Some have brought books
to the indoor babysitter.
Hands hold Styrofoam cups,
sip drinks from sidelines.

Droopy eyed adults dart in and out
of the romp fest.
Tsks and clucks can be heard
as playtime manners
are taught.

One thought on “Manners

  1. Meghan says:

    This is quite good, Mary. I like the rhythm of the piece and the images of the playground at which these children romp and play. And I like the theme of manners in the playground.
    I wonder, along with tsks and clucks might not children’s squeals or cries also be part of those manners being taught? I think of instances where a child will complain, ‘But Mommy, he started it!” or “She pulled my hair first!” Just an idea.

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