4 thoughts on “Overcrowding

  1. Cat says:

    Sardine express sounds just right!

  2. Meghan says:

    I agree with Cat!

  3. lillian says:

    Okay…..even at 6:30 AM, with only one of my early morning cups of coffee under my belt, you got an out-loud chuckle out of me on this one!
    Okay, I’ve meandered your site before….and always love to see your comments and/or Likes on mine (good thing there isn’t a Don’t Like button, right?)….and I would love to Follow your site. But for the life of me, and I’m certain it’s the senior techno lag that’s causing this, I can’t find a Follow button or link on your site. Can you point me to it in your reply? Have a great weekend!

  4. mincs1 says:

    Hi Lillian! Thank-you for your kind comments. I thoroughly enjoy visiting your site 🙂
    I’m not sure why a Follow button doesn’t appear for you. When I am on my site it is at the bottom right side of my screen. I appreciate you letting me know that you are having difficulty and I will follow up with WordPress. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mary 🙂

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