Apothecary Cabinet

The many drawers
of an exquisite
apothecary cabinet
catch my eye.
Lustrous brownish-black
wood with a hint of purple,
appears to glow
from within.

Strong straight wood grain
is etched with delicate
curls and waves.
A unique beauty stands
before me.

I am transported
to a long ago time.
A dark haired man with
gentle hands grinds a
mortar and pestle.
A young woman with a limp
child in her arms
stands rocking
side to side
waiting patiently for the
apothecary to complete
a potion for her son.

Spices, tobacco, dried herbs,
mortar and pestles,
spoons and scales,
can be seen
in various drawers.

I wonder about the
compartments in my life.

My home, the shell I live in.
Filled with carefully chosen
art and trinkets to adorn walls,
soft blankets and bright colors
strategically placed in homage
to an identity I continue
to seek.

My car, a familiar cocoon
I enter each morning
and hurtle down roadways
to open the door into
another compartment
where I will spend
eight hours of my day;
one third of a revolution
around the sun.

My life is a series
of moving from compartment
to compartment
with only
slight adjustments
along the way.

As I continue to look at the
beautiful cabinet before me,
rich in history and
memories polished
into the wood,
I look skyward and envision
a great alchemist
looking down.
A great alchemist
peeking into the drawers
of my apothecary life
waiting to see what
combination of materials
I will choose
from the many compartments
before me.

3 thoughts on “Apothecary Cabinet

  1. Melissa Shaw-Smith says:

    Great poem! Really the description of the cabinet, and then how you apply it to your life.

  2. Meghan says:

    A great and wondrous source of inspiration that apothecary cabinet! Loved the image of the great alchemist waiting to see what you might combine for your own life. And truly, when you can draw on so many drawers and compartments who know what you might create!!

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