Blank Page

A page stares blankly up at me.
I curse and rant.
I wave and point my pen.
Yet the paper remains unmoved.

I pace my room.
I look out the window
reciting to this stationary sheet
all that I could be doing.
I could be walking the paths in spring sunshine
with the many other Sunday strollers.
I could be planning tomorrow’s dinner.
I could be,
I could be doing anything but trying to write!

The unmarked note pad
waits patiently,

I am irritated by its emotionless state.
So I write.
To shed my emotions.

I want to mar the page!
Deface its untouched, barren territory.
I write forcefully to deny
empty, white space
a place upon my desk!

I spill language
that brings life to feelings
that were masquerading
as restless energy.

5 thoughts on “Blank Page

  1. Loved it. Reminded me of:

    “I didn’t write it down to build a poem. I wrote it down because that is what I do with the things that unravel me. I drag them across a page.”

    – Natalie Diaz, “I Judas Horse,” published on the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet Blog

    • mincs1 says:

      Thanks for the comment, David. I will check out “I Judas Horse.” I enjoy reading other poet’s and look forward to seeing what the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet Blog is about 🙂

  2. excellent–been there many times

  3. Meghan says:

    Thank you, David Kanigan, for your poet’s quote – very apt! Mary, I loved this poem of yours. It speaks to me of my own duels with the unmoved page!

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