Acknowledging life’s gifts

Grace and wisdom
Dignity, beauty, poise
Large family gatherings
Laughter and noise

Pumpkin pie and turkey
Gravy poured with ease
Cranberries as elegant garnish
for abundant dinner, so tasty

A prayer of thanks
Recognizing all that has been given
Appreciation for life’s bounty
All that makes life worth livin’

Grateful for life’s blessings
Goodness all around
Thankful for friends and family
Whose support and love know no bounds

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. irinadim says:

    Gratitude is the right attitude. Beautiful poem, Mary.

  2. Meghan Jones says:

    Although I am reading this belated, Mary I read your words and realize they ought not to be contained to simply Thanksgiving as a calendar holiday. Everything you have written is something we should daily be grateful for in our lives.

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