Moon Rattle

sea shell

(internet photo)

moon rattle in my palm
acoustic spirit world connector
blend of natural elements and mystical belief

smooth white mollusk
encircled by brown striations
symphonic blend
crustacean style Sydney opera house

perfect to capture the roar and applause of the sea
to echo and amplify beach pebbles that
tumble and jump over each other within

browns and white whorl to a creamy point
milky way thoughts of origin
time and distance transcended
soulful continuity

the rattle contains energy
a reminder of celestial guidance
sun and moon drawing forth emotion
a vision of waves washing over
caressing to and fro
spewing foam in a stormy moment
mimicking the ebb and flow of life

taut deer hide
sandpaper rough
tanned creamy white
encloses the operatic opening
captures vibrations
magnifies their song

an intuitive stroke paints the leather
a coppery swirl of motion
folds itself around
a yin yang symbol
twin fish
spooning each other
their bright red eyes
seeing beyond the palm of my hand

see my soul
see the universe
ready to carry my artful prayers
rattle vibrations


5 thoughts on “Moon Rattle

  1. Meghan says:

    Love this mystic poem, Mary!! Love the inclusion of celestial bodies (air), “roar and applause of the sea” (water), beach pebbles, browns & white whorl (earth). Maybe even a hint of fire? (sun, bright red eyes). Yin and yang, balance, vibrations..all your elements come together beautifully! This is one of my favourites!

    • mincs1 says:

      Thank-you for the wonderful comment. The moon rattle described above was purchased in Tofino a number of years ago. I hadn’t held the lovely instrument for some time and was pleasantly surprised by the poem it inspired šŸ™‚

      • Meghan says:

        Thank you for sharing the story of your moon rattle. I am so glad it inspired such a lovely poem! Reminds me that I ought to look at some of my travel treasures with fresh eyes!

  2. Linda says:


    I love this poem, it’s eloquent!

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