Environmental S.O.S

Primordial drums resonate deep within the soul
Whispers of ancient wisdom
reverberate off cityscape
tease with their presence

Last rays of dying sun shimmer
before slips behind mountains
Promise of greatness lies within flaming sky
just as in elusive whispers

Tribal chants hums beneath a discordant thrum of Deerfoot traffic
seems a respite from chaotic rat race

Toxic sludge flows through veins
threatening to poison
The noxious routine pumping waste
onto the landscape
pump, pumps and ooze
pump and ooze
guzzling greed for god

Erect aspens tremble
Geese migrate over scarred pits of earth
ripped apart, left raw and suppurating
No place to land

Feel the throb
pulsating cry for help
rituals of our ancestors
beg for release
ache to cleanse and heal

Primordial drums resonate deep within the souldrum

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