Easter Eggs

(This story was inspired by my friend, Linda, who shared a mythological story of her own recently. Thank you Linda. You are a great storyteller!)

Once upon a time, long ago, before airplanes and cars, before cell phones and i-pads, in a land far away and beyond, there lived a family of females in a beautiful valley. There was Snowy Owl, the grandmother, Painting Hands, the mother, and three daughters – Shooting Star, Moonbeam and Little Feather.

One day Snowy Owl became very sick and no longer smiled much. Painting Hands called the girls together and made a request. “Dear daughters, your grandmother is unwell and I wish there was a way we could make her smile again. I am sending you out to find items that will make Snowy Owl feel happy once more.”

The girls left the beautiful valley to find items to accomplish this task. Shooting Star found a pretty blue robin’s egg, delicate and fragile. Moonbeam found seeds of the cacao plant. She knew how much her grandmother loved chocolate and this would surely make her smile. Little Feather saw a field of brightly colored wild flowers. She chose the most brilliant as her gift.

Once the girls had their items they looked for some way to protect them as they carried them back to the valley. They hollowed out a tree branch they found laying on the ground and carefully placed the egg, the seeds and flowers inside. When they returned home each girl wanted to be the first to show Snowy Owl and Painting Hands what they had chosen. As they scrambled to be first the branch went flying into the air, spinning end over end until finally landing – splat! – in front of Snowy Owl. Shooting Star, Moonbeam and Little Feather felt awful. Snowy Owl began to laugh.
She sat up and waved her hand over the fallen branch. She told the girls not to worry. She felt their kind thoughts and generous action is what really mattered.

Snowy Owl picked up the branch. Gently moved it side to side, then opened it up and out spilled brightly colored chocolate eggs where once were the robin’s egg, cacao and wild flowers! And that is how Easter eggs came to be.

6 thoughts on “Easter Eggs

  1. Linda Faulkner says:

    Hi Mary,

    For some reason I can’t leave a message under the “comments” section of your post so I’ll just reply.

    I appreciate the comment about my story and how it inspired you to write one as well. We truly are inspirations to one another.

    I loved your sweet story!

    Yesterday, Easter Sunday I went for a walk to a park near my home, it was quiet and serene and when I looked down, there on a slope was an Easter egg in green foil. What a surprise, just in the middle of nowhere! I picked it up and loved it and brought it home to put in a place of honor in my home. Right beside a little white cardboard house trimmed and sealed up with black electrician’s tape that my four year old grandson Sam had made me. Two glorious gifts to me. (another story coming up?)

    Keep writing and exploring your wonderful creative genious girl and thank you too for the angel picture. Love your stuff, you are angelic-like yourself.

    Your friend, Linda

    • mincs1 says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Linda!
      I, too, saw Easter eggs along a pathway when I was out for a run and it felt magical seeing them lying there.

  2. Meghan says:

    Hi Mary! How wonderful your inspired story!! I, too, felt delight over both Linda’s tale and yours. You both are obliquely challenging me to be creative. I’ll have to post something of my own soon on your blog, Mary!

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