Going to the Game

The train rumbles to a stop at the platform
and we board
oblivious to the announcements being broadcast over the PA

We are excited to be on our way to see our beloved team
caught up in a discussion about the impending competition

As we ride to our destination
I look at the passing buildings surprised at what I’m seeing
an entirely different view of my city
versus what I am exposed to when driving in my car

We are joined by other fans and revelers
the atmosphere charged with laughter and robust chatter

Disembarking we are caught up
in a surge of people
that swells with each passing of a staircase or entryway

I hang on tightly to my husband’s hand
then allow myself to be carried
along with the flow of the crowd

Snippets of conversation catch my ear
a laugh
a whistle
a hoot and a holler

We are going to the game
and right now that’s all that matters

fun for everyone

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